Howdy, folks! Some of you ask me about my hosting company from time to time. I use a service called Pippa. I was one of their first customers, and I’ve been VERY happy with them. As a matter of fact, Simon, the CEO himself, helped me with the set-up and answered about a dozen of my dumbest questions at all hours of the night. Now, I’m not saying that that’ll happen, but that was my experience, and it speaks to the type of company Pippa is. They take customer service very seriously, their prices are amazing and if you already use a different company, like I did, switching over is super easy. So, if you’re looking to start a podcast, or you already have a podcasting service, give Pippa a serious look. Check them out – I’m really glad I did. You can learn more about Pippa here: Learn More  That is all.