Episode 51: Eric Whitacre 2017 – Part 2

Here’s part two of my chat with Eric Whitacre. This is how we talk a good part of the time, so I hope you enjoy this meandering conversation between friends. We cover a lot of ground, and I tend to talk less on this one, so that’s a plus. Thanks for listening, and have a great week!

Episode 50: Eric Whitacre 2017 – Part 1

Part one of a two-parter with Eric Whitacre. Eric and I have been friends for the better part of two decades, and that’s what you get with this chat. We ramble, laugh, joke, and get into some pretty serious issues- You know, all the stuff that friends talk about. It’s just us, behind the scenes, having a conversation, no more, no less. Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

Episode 49: Eric Whitacre 2016

Eric, Eric, Eric. I thought I’d keep on with the theme. Last week you heard some of my past guests answer Eric Whitacre’s infamous question, asking, “What do you know now, that you didn’t know at this time, last year?” This week, we’re looping back to my (second) first guest, Eric Whitacre. Next Week, we’ll be picking up with… you guessed it… Eric Whitacre. It looks like January is Eric Whitacre month. I’ve successfully used the name, “Eric Whitacre” at least four times, here. Mission accomplished- Thanks for listening!

Episode 43: Matthew Aucoin

Born in 1990, Matthew Auc…. BORN IN 1990?? Yup. Welp, despite my crushing feeling of inadequacy and confusion about my life choices, I’m super-excited to have 26-year-old conductor, composer, pianist, and poet, Matthew Aucoin as my guest this week. He’s made his mainstage conducting debut with us, at the LA Opera, in our current production of Akhnaten, and he’s all of the things I’ve mentioned above, but with a large helping of modesty, graciousness, and collegiality. I hope you enjoy our chat- thanks for listening!

Episode 39: JonathanTalberg

Choral director Jonathan Talberg is my guest, this week. We chat about everything from the state of music education, to the “Eric Whitacre effect” and a whole bunch of other stuff. Enjoy!

Episode 35: Anne Tomlinson

Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Children’s Chorus, Anne Tomlinson is my guest this week. We’ve worked with the kids from LACC at the opera for years, and they always turn in wonderful work- the kids are amazing. Having a son and a daughter, I was personally interested in learning more about their great program, and how the students are prepared for performing and for life after LACC. I hope you enjoy the chat- thanks for listening!

Episode 26: Shawn Kirchner

Composer, pianist, vocalist and peace-lover, Shawn Kirchner is my guest this week. I had a great time getting to know Shawn over the course of our chat and as it goes sometimes, I feel like we left a lot of subjects untouched. Also, I made a couple flubs that I’ll fess up to right now- first, I think I said that ‘Memorare’ was premiered in 2015, when in fact, it was not. Also, I guessed Rumi where the quote was from S.T. Coleridge. So, there. Listen, I do great on those Facebook quizzes, so I’m not gonna sweat it. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy our talk!

Episode 25: Edie Lehmann Boddicker

I’m thrilled to have as my 25th guest, Edie Lehmann Boddicker. Most of us around town know her as a vocal contractor, but there is definitely more than meets the eye. She’s had an amazing career here in tinseltown- from concertizing as a classical pianist and learning music theory from Morten Lauridsen, singing and contracting Academy Award nominated soundtracks, to being a regular cast member on General Hospital. There’s a lot in between, too. I really like Edie, and I like her even more after sitting down with her for this really nice chat. Enjoy!

Episode 23: Grant Gershon

Mo. Grant Gershon is my guest this week. He’s an amazing pianist, conductor and colleague. He holds the titles of Artistic Director of the Los Angeles Master Chorale, and Resident Conductor of the Los Angeles Opera. Our conversation whizzed by and I was left with a ton of questions I didn’t have the time to ask- hopefully we’ll have time for a “shorty” follow-up interview in the future. Anyway, I hope you enjoy the interview and thanks for listening!