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Author Blair Tindall is my guest this week. You may know her from her controversial 2005 book, “Mozart in the Jungle”, or the hit Amazon series of the same name, created by Jason Schwartzman and starring Gael Garcia Bernal. Blair has had a stellar career as a classical musician, playing oboe for the NY Philharmonic, for hit shows on broadway, and as a session player for film and television. There’s also been a lot of commotion over Blair’s tell-all book about life in the classical world, and she speaks candidly about her experiences with some of the major players who loom large in our community. Blair also details the subsequent fallout after the book’s publication, which quickly led to her being black-listed by many former friends and colleagues. Mozart in the Jungle is a real page turner- I loved the book, and I’m loving the Amazon series, too, so check them both out- I hope you enjoy our chat!