Episode 42: Phelim McDermott

Phelim is the director of our current production of Akhnaten at LA Opera. I love this show. I also love the passion, conviction, and freedom that Phelim has given us to help deliver a truly powerful emotional message to our audience. Phelim also operates an experimental theater company called, Improbable- look him up at www.improbable.co.uk. Thanks for listening, and I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did!

Episode 40: Sean Gandini

World-renowned juggler, Sean Gandini joins me today, and I couldn’t be more thrilled. We all juggle in our current (and magnificent) production of Akhnaten by Philip Glass, and Sean and his troupe are leading us in our efforts. It’s a first for all of us, and it’s thrilling. Sean’s background is fascinating, he’s kind, thoughtful and terrifically talented. I only wish our chat could have been longer- I’m sure you’ll agree. Enjoy!
PS- check out his fascinating work at: www.gandinijuggling.com

Episode 37: Claire Friday

Claire Friday is my guest this week. She’s gone from working backstage at the LA Opera to covering the RNC, DNC and the presidential debates for Facebook, all in the short time that I’ve known her. She’s smart, driven and easy to chat with. I like Claire and I bet you will, too- Enjoy!

Episode 27: Tim Campbell

Tim Campbell is an audio book narrator, working singer and all-around nice guy. He’s narrated a ton of books in all different genres, using accents and the whole bit. Please check him out at www.timcampbell.me- his sample readings are amazing! I learned a lot about the narration business and I found our talk really informative and interesting- I hope you do to!

Episode 24: Nicholas C. Pappas

Episode 24: Nicholas C. Pappas

Nicholas C. Pappas is a director, dramaturge and Heideman Award-winning playwright. His plays include The Ballad of 423 and 424, Fatty, Including Shooter, and The Dreams in Which I’m Dying. Nick is a thoughtful, bright guy who I’m glad to know, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we collaborated again in the future. Thanks for being on the show, buddy!

Episode 21: Robert Thies

Robert Thies has been a friend of mine for about ten years or so. We see each other around town and the last time we worked together was on Happy Feet 2, with John Powell. Rob is a tremendous pianist with a great career. He won the Prokofiev competition, plays with the Phil and with many ensembles around town. He’s a Steinway Artist, session player… and on and on. Rob is also just a plain old good guy, and I’m glad to be his friend. Thanks for listening and I hope you end up liking this guy as much as I do. Enjoy!

Episode 20: Blair Tindall

Author Blair Tindall is my guest this week. You may know her from her controversial 2005 book, “Mozart in the Jungle”, or the hit Amazon series of the same name, created by Jason Schwartzman and starring Gael Garcia Bernal. Blair has had a stellar career as a classical musician, playing oboe for the NY Philharmonic, for hit shows on broadway, and as a session player for film and television. There’s also been a lot of commotion over Blair’s tell-all book about life in the classical world, and she speaks candidly about her experiences with some of the major players who loom large in our community. Blair also details the subsequent fallout after the book’s publication, which quickly led to her being black-listed by many former friends and colleagues. Mozart in the Jungle is a real page turner- I loved the book, and I’m loving the Amazon series, too, so check them both out- I hope you enjoy our chat!

Episode 19: Carla Jimenez

Carla Jimenez is a working actress in Los Angeles. You may have seen her in films such as, Lady in the Water, Nacho Libre and Accepted, and in the television shows Lincoln Heights, My Name is Earl and Desperate Housewives, and currently on Raising Hope and Last Man Standing. She’s had a long career in film and television, and supports herself solely as an actress, which is no easy feat. She’s insightful, fun, and hard working and I was grateful to hear her story! Enjoy!

Episode 15: Leila Charles Leigh

Leila Charles Leigh and I talk a lot about juggling kids with work, and where the two intersect. For me, it’s a reminder that I’m not alone in dealing with disappointment and the trap of myopic perspective where success and failure are concerned. Leila is charming and sparkly, and it was great catching up with her. Thanks for listening- enjoy!

Episode 14: Trevore Ross

Stage director Trevore Ross came by the studio today. We talked about growing up in South Carolina and his journey from pianist to stage director and how he settled in Los Angeles. He offers up poignant ideas about life, love and work, and I really found this interview to be easy. Trevore is a good talker, and I’d love to have him back on the show in the future. Thanks, and I hope you enjoy our chat!